Monday, 5 September 2011

Larry is sick

With the arrival of my new pedal board and the ability to just plug in a wireless bug ratehr than messign with wires, I have taken to rotating my guitars when I play...probably not a smart idea for practice reasons but for noodling around its a lot of fun and ensures that every one of my babies gets a little bit of loving.

It also shows me the vast differences in tone and output from my guitars, quite staggering, you don't really spot it till you plug in a succession of guitars and find which are the loud screamers, which are throaty and which are the quiet warm homey ones.

And then there's Larry, my GS60 hmmm something not right with her, she's got a serious case of laryngitis. When plugged in I just can't get enough output to drive the amp or pedals..even the tuning pedal can only pick up on a low E and A.
Considering she has a van Zandt humbucker in her bridge, which should scream, something is very wrong. I had noticed on occasion she does go quiet when I switch pups, but flicking back seemed to resolve it..clearly a problem which has now got worse and perhaps no longer resolvable with a simple tapping of the electrics

Time for her to take a trip to the guitar shop and get her checked out.


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