Saturday, 10 September 2011

Finally, storage problems resolved

On obvious issue with having a large collection of wood and string beauties, is that they need to be stored..I have some on the walls, which look great btw, and some on stands in the corners, but I have to admit I have reached capacity now...and a few of my babies are stored away in their cases not seeing the light of day very often.

Being one of those people who wants to have my guitars on show and easily to hand for a bit of plinkyplonkystrummywummy stuff. Storage and display is a bit of an issue....But there is this, wonderful item

Its a Hercules 6 way stand. I've been trying to get hold of one of these for ages, but they don't have many european stockets, and by the time you factor in shipping (if indeed they will ship them to The Netherlands) buying from the US or UK has been bothersome.

But happy to report I finally found a stockest in Belgium who has stock and will deliver...not actually all that far from where we are but lack of car and fear of buying too much other stuff if I go into a shop stops me visiting.

This should tidy up my guitar corner quite nicely. I have one of their 3 way stands and its a solid bit of kit, as you would expect from the name. I'll be able to display all my guitars when this comes and put the cases away in the shed or someplace untill I need to transport them..So in fact it will provide a bit more space....hmmmm maybe I will visit Belgium after month.


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