Sunday, 20 January 2013

Busy busy and new most painful thing ever

Between catching up on very late grades and dealing with students getting ready for exams its been a busy couple of weeks, hence the silence.

Also getting the studio altered...which I've not quite managed to do since Starrcase had a gig to do last Friday 10th, which mean ripping out bits of my studio to take to the gig.. We need to make sure the venue has gear in future. All my carefully placed and calibrated stuff is now lying around the floor waiting to  be repositioned.
It wasn't really up to the job either, my PA is for large rooms or small quiet halls, not great big halls with several hundred people chit chatting as well...we need more power..but its not up to me to supply it.

Oh well at least once back here I got my PA hooked up the Mac output with the R24 and standard Mixer routing all my guitar stuff out.. The result is I can play live mixes to backing tracks better than ever before...So far no neighbours have complained but it has been loud a few times (for testing purposes)
We almost had another gig next month but it didn't pan time to rehearse our new set for the spring street party season. My studio gear is staying put though.

Brenda got me a foot massage gift token for my Birthday last month, and we went to the Chinese massage place in town to use it...only to discover annoyingly that the price had gone up since it was bought...hmmmm so only got 45mins instead of an hour..bit of a con but still...

It was interesting and quite refreshing but my god it was painful..I have a lump/knot/something on my foot she worked away at for a few minutes...oh my....I've never felt such pain, especially when she dragged the handle of some tool over it to "break it down" a week later it still hurts....Though overall my feet are far less painful, also not using my fancy trainers every day seems to be helping.

I'm off for a bit of culture tonight, Brenda is taking me to a dance show in Tilburg tonight....since Dance is very much her thing I hope I like it...or at least I hope she will forgive me if I don't ;)


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