Sunday, 27 January 2013

But there has to be some fun?

Marking all week and decided I was going to relax this weekend, even though there are a few left to finish..I need to stop staring at screens.

So aside from doing a bit of cooking I did a bit more recording..I think I'm starting to get some tones out of my TC Helicon VoiceLiveTouch that I like now, but still need to twiddle a bit more, also hitting the floor switch for harmonies with bare feet has turned out to be a bit harder than you might think..ouch

This is also a bit cool since I was playing and singing at the same time, something I have always struggled to do. But this simple song makes it easy (ier) to do.

Still crap vocals and I can't say the guitar playing is perfect as I was concentrating hard on 2 things,  but mehhh I think back to a couple of years ago when I took up guitar seriously and I see a massive improvement.

On the subject of the VoiceLive Touch...which I do like even though I can't quite get the best out of it due to being such a crap singer...they just brought out a new one......nice timing eh!!

oh well.


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