Sunday, 6 January 2013

I've seen things, you people would'nt belive

Ah well everything ends.

Holidays are over, am sat here planning this week's classes for the last week of Block B and thinking back on a most enjoyable and lazy holiday, most of it at home.
I really needed that. No stress, no hassle and no end in sight to my sore feet...I really need to wear my new shoes more to see if they work.

I plan to do a recap week for students so that no one is caught out by the break so exams should be pretty straightfoward and then spend the 3 weeks before the next block revamping all my coursework in a nice easy and organised way...My new year "resolution" to get more organised is on, though I still have some backlog stuff to clear up.

Also had some great band sessions with both bands, including an all day Friday practice  for a gig next week, we have 1 more run through on Monday. Only problem is my teaching schedule clashes so I'm hoping that our fantastic scheduler Caroline can move things around so I can play with Starrcase at the Sebeliuslaan New Year Party.

Rehearsals have been going well aside from me just not being able to get my head around Adele's Rolling in the Deep..its not the chords, its the timing of the changes it totally throws me..lets hope I get it right and that the schedule accomodates me. 
I dont' normally play the rhythm guitar parts in Starrcase but Eric the main rhythm guitarist can't make it so I'm having to do more work...its good for my development of course but frustrating that I can't get what is really quite a simple number...more practice!!

I never got round to cataloguing my guitars as I intended, too many other things to do including messing with my new vocal toys...I've said before these things don't make a bad singer into a good singer but they do make me focus a bit more on my singing and it is very very slowly starting to get a bit better without too much pitch correction help...
Just have to worry about enunciation, mic technique, breathing, control, tone and all those other bits the machines cant fix.
Here's a tiny test project I am working on, partly to experiment with settings and partly to get used to Logic pro which is pretty will take me weeks to get the hang of it..but small steps give big rewards later...I hope.

I need to redo the vocals as I messed up a couple of times and also do the drum machine and guitar as separate tracks and add bass and "cup" drums...(if you see the triggerfinger version you will understand)
It was just something to test basic editing in Pro...actually had me mystified how to make an MP3 for a while...(bounce is the method?? Yeah I know I didn't get that either)
The mic settings are not yet to my liking I have 250 or so presets but I want to find something I like for my voice this was close but not quite.


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