Friday, 25 January 2013

Your blog post can be read in 30seconds

Still here?
Hmm personally I would clicked off at that point, since there is nothing I detest more than online info systems that insist I sit through a 30 second (or longer) advert before I get to to the content I clicked.

yes thats right the content I wanted to see, that I clicked on to look at and that I clicked away from 3-5 seconds later when I was forced to watch some annoying bloody advert.

Why do they do this? For me MSN, BBC and Youtube are the worst offenders...Especially the BBC, when I want to watch any kind of in depth report on the news site I am forced to watch some idiotic advert for Malay Airwars or Singapore development agency..NOOOO I want to watch the bloody news story.

BBC is worse for another reason, often the links are broken, and after the advert you hit refresh...and guess what...yup same bloody advert.
Also if you do manage to sit through it and get to your content and want to read something else... THE SAME ADVERT on the next click comes up, and again and again...
Time for the back button and missing the orginal point of interest due to can't be arsed syndrome.

I get that advertising is needed but c'mon it needs to be optional especially if its going to take up your precious 30 seconds...At least youtube SOMETIMES offer a click after 5 seconds option so I can just about handle that.. But so may other sites I simply stop using now however interesting the content might have been.

Site managers..take note.


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