Monday, 21 January 2013

Danger Will Robinsson

Just another of my friendly ebay warnings, somethings are really not what they seem, like this for example

which proports to be a famous 1 off hand made guitar built and sold for Charideee last year by Gordy Bischoff..its quite famous mainly becuase it sold last November to a US based buyer for $9400

Quite impressive, you can see its story here

So I somehow doubt a 0 feedback UK seller has this in his possession and is willing to sell it at under 200quid....16 people so far,  however seem willing to belive it.
Hell I'd have a punt at it if it were even a good copy..but I'll resist.

more fool them.

edit it went for £515...if its genuine, its a mega bargain...but c'mon....really???


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