Monday, 28 January 2013

Industrial Injury

I wonder if I can sue? I bet there's a lawyer out there in daytime advertising land that can.

So many of my students games have been using the traditional WASD key control format in their projects, that my hand has been locked in a permanent claw shape for the last week during marking. I had noticed some discomfort when typing and playing guitar recently but it was not too bad.. The last few days though..owww. And this morning, its really bad.

Seriously it hurts.. Had to strap my wrist up which has restricted my typing and playing of the last few projects...fortunately not many left but its mega sore...going to have to avoid using it for a few days (and before any wags make a comment, its my left wrist...and I have a girlfriend

No more guitar playing and a lot of 1 handed typing..which seems to be considerably less error prone than my usual 2 my left hand is the one always getting it wrong!

Last weeks snow has almost cleared up, we had temps of -9/-10 depending on where you looked, I can say it was damn cold, but some milder weather and a sunny thing in the sky resulted in a load of rain yesterday which has washed all but the thickest clumps of snow away. I bet the canals are brim full though.


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