Monday, 6 April 2015

My board Final?

Always hard to say for sure, but I think this is my final board configuration, at least with these pedals.

Under the tier is still a shambles of cables than will need some work to tidy, but aside from a sticky out XLR on the VL2 everything is looking neat..and more importantly working fine

Behold..the new "final" board.
Of course, there's more... The Adrenalinn III is capable of far more than just being an Amp modeler, its a fantastic fx unit in its own right, so it can connect up to my Berhinger FCB1010
Which then gives me the ability to select presets, volume control, wha control, and a few other things... learn how to use it all.

The BeatBuddy is still proving to be a bit hard to get my head around when the RC-300 is the midi master (it refuses to be a slave) so I need to adjust my timings to work within that and see if I can get some recording done.

The cold/cough from hell kept me from recording for the last few months, but it hasn't stopped me practicing a few songs,  I've got holidays soon, so I'm going to gear up for a mega recording session with all toys fully on display.


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