Saturday, 11 April 2015

Phew... Cracked 90kg

Finally, I cracked 90kg....granted it was only flickering on and off but the scales defiantly said 89kg then 90 then 89 then 90...clearly my intake of air I my lungs was kicking it over, I shall stop breathing.

But at least the diet and exercise is starting to pay a visible difference yet to the folds though...Now that the better weather is here I 'll be cycling to work more so it we can start to up the exercise parts.

The Gadgeteers are on tenderhooks (tenterhooks?? I never know) at the thought of a live pub gig in 2 weeks, we have 33 songs in our repertoire we have to become note perfect on in 5 rehearsals...


Maybe that's why I'm losing the weight...nerves


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