Sunday, 5 April 2015

The temptations of the flesh are many and tasty

Not going to do the weigh in today.. I know for sure I blew it big time the last couple of days.. And especially last night at Poker with Peter and Liz and the gang..

I pigged out on Gourmet and more importantly on some absolutely fantastic rum

Wow this stuff was nice, I had quite a lot of it.....which probably caused me to play quite brilliantly at poker even though I suffered a massive loss when sitting 2nd or 3rd in chips with over 50euros, when I had a nut flush only to lose out to 4 kings....ouch that was a killer, but my betting strong actually scared the 4 king hand into thinking I had a royal flush....he bravely played and caught me out...
Damn it was the hand of the evening...and pulled in  a wedge of euros, wish I'd won it lol
Lucky I  still had 10euros in reserve and managed to push that all the way back to 27.50 in only a couple of rounds, for a 2.50 profit. at close.(we only play 25euro stake games and set a time rather than last man standing). If it hadn't  been for that big loss I would probably have left as chip lead, but no matter, I'm always happy to leave in profit.

I did however lose a clear 1kg when I checked on Friday... If will try to walk/exercise the excess of the last few days away.

I had some awesome news on Thursday too, but can't say just yet....I did however celebrate...more to follow on that one when its all out in the open.


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