Sunday, 31 January 2016

Crikey 100+ pages

wow I've written 108 pages and 26,000 words...granted a lot of them are descriptions of what I'm going to write, but still I can't recall ever writing so much stuff in my life. I still have to write the games properly that I am going to use as the vehicle for introducing topics and test them out on my expanding collection of single board computers.  I've done most of them over the years with students so its not exactly new, but I need to create, before and after versions of them, and make sure the code is clean and tidy and simple to read. That will take most of the time I think.

As I read it back to myself I am developing a growing sense of confidence in this slightly crazy idea, a book that will cover all the basic aspects of writing a modern game on any target machine, without having to become a master of the hardware or the languages used, just knowing enough to get it done..

I need to do a bit more research to finish my publishing proposal, mainly to work out what other competitive books there are out there which are current and relevant.

I've also been on the hunt for some other Single Board Computers to use as targets, there's a few on the market, but none come close to the popularity of the Raspberry Pi, but I've got hold of a full set of Pi's now, a Beagleboard XM and a Banana Pi M1 (the soon to be released octocore M3 looks sexy, but will wait for it as its nearly 100quid), With my new Pine A64 due in March that should be more than enough to ensure decent cross board compatibility.

All this creativity has got my juices flowing on other things too, the Colecovision project has been languishing in no memory hell for weeks, but I hit on something that gives me shed loads , I'm looking forward to finally finishing that and handing it over to his long expecting dad.


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