Saturday, 10 September 2016

just want to sleep..

Tokyo  is  7 hours ahead, and as you might expect, that meant when we arrived at 8 it was 1 in the morning for us, and we hadn't slept on the plane at all. Despite me buying a 35euro neck collar, I  just could not get comfortable enough on the plane for anything more than a 2 min nap that meant I missed the end of family guy :( I wish my kickstarter plan pillow had arrived, chances are it will be there when I get back.oh time eh!

3 movies were watched on the plane. X-men Apocalypse...oh boy, that was pretty crap but mostly because I was annoyed how they messed up  the characters and even their own continuity so was enjoyably bad, but bad.

Also Lucy...Luc Besson,..all kinds of utter nonsense in this one, absurd premise, bad bad bad writng and even really bad direction every single scene was too long, every single one.. and the ending.....jezus wept...I  mean its too bad to even describe.

Finally Nina, a biopic on the later life of the divine Ms Simone, who wasn't as divine in real life! A most troubled and lonely lady. It did remind me a lot of some people who've been in my life struggling with mental fact it hit a lot of chords for me.. But it seemed to focus on too short a time span of her remarkable life, there were bad times for sure, but there were amazing inspirational times too, that should have been given much more cover. Music was awesome of course, even if it wasn't her that was singing the impression was close.

We made a pact to stay away as long as possible and do some sight seeing the in humid heat of tokyo which meant walking around a lot, getting mroe and mroe tired. Our resolve to stay up till 8 quickly faided around 2-30 and we went back to the hotel, to freshen up and check in as we'd arrrived too early to do that.
That freshen up turned into a, lets take an hours nap, then 1.5 hours.. but by 6 we went on the hunt for some food and booze. finding a nice little place where the food, rare morrocan lamb, was amazing..even if a small portion. Before heading back to sleep proper.
Up at 5am....but went to bed around had a good long sleep and should be able to get onto the Japanese time zones today.
After yesterdays humid heat, its now a cooler rainy day.  So hope we can get around with less afatigue.
We had major problems getting hold of cash though, which we need since there isn't really a card culture here, turns out my credit card is dead, since the mag strip on it has worn away, and they don't use chip systems here....which would not be a problem if I'd not lost my new bank card the day before shipping out which caused me to port money over to my credit card...oops.
I've got the company card for legit expenses though and Chris and Martin have worked out how to get cash from the local ATM's so we should be good to go, as long as we're not buying gold pressed latium asprin any more..12 euros for a packet of aspirin.. !@!@#!@# 12 euros...jeezes wept.. even more annoying there was paracetamol in my bag at the hotel, but I really needed something for a headache when we were out.
Food here is cheap, but it seems everything else is very expensive.
Going to do a bit of cleaning up to arrange my small but fuctional hotel room, and then a bit of work till brekky, and be ready for the day.


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