Tuesday, 6 September 2016

pop, ow, oh yes I heard that

3 days my ear has been blocked, up...and today it was decidedly painful but finally around 3pm, my ear was becoming more and more uncomfortable and I was being driven near mad by whooshing and squishing sounds, when it finally popped, and I could hear again.

At least for a few seconds, then the sticky goo, which I assume to be seeping from my infected ear started to close it up again.

Its been like that all day, open up and closing, but fact is its getting better. I am cleaning out my ear, (no ear buds) and that stops the sticking which causes the closing.. as soon as my old body has the infection under control the seeping should stop and back to normal.

I can now get on a plane with some degree of certainty that I won't be screaming at 10,000ft in a pressurised cabin unable to equalise my ears.. I might have managed that on a short cross channel hop, but I have to be 11hours on a flight to Tokyo at the end of the week...don't think I have enough oxycontin and booze to get me through that.


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