Monday, 12 September 2016

Tokyo Tum is a real thing

Just as I thought I'd got used to the jetlag, I discovered another danger, I seem to be allergic to something in Japanese food..No idea what, but at a reception in the Dutch embassy we were all treated to a really lovely bento box for lunch, containing all kinds of nice tasty and...some not so tasty but interesting things.

This is a factor in Japanese cuisine, taste isn't the most important thing, texture is also part of the experience.

Anyway, being the omnivore I am, I heartily embraced the 4 compartment box, and ate the lot....only to discover 20 mins later I had someting I like to refer to as Mumtaz tum.

Basically a very strong, non nogotiable, urgent, as in now, don't bother to take of your pants, you probably won't make it, need to get to the loo. Something I used to get quite regularly when I ate at the Mumtaz restraunts in Bradford. Don't get me wrong the food itself is wonderful, Mumtaz and the Dutch  embassy, but clearly there is something in there I  simply don't get along with.

Fortunatly I did manage to get to the loo,  twice at the embassy. And then was lucky enough to get a taxi back to my hotel just in time for the next 4 or 5 hours of cleansing which took place...leaving me a bit ...wrecked...add to that the tiny touch  of jet lag still in my system and I was sparked out at 7pm  till after 3am when I started to stir, not quite sure if I  could snooze my way throough 4 hours till breakfast.

I am now empty, though still rumbling a bit, which might make travelling around today a bit risky, so have given up my  slot at a company visit to one of our other representatives so I can slowly pick things up again.  Pretty sure I'm ok now, but wish I knew what it is that triggers the Mumtaz and Tokyo tum.
Oh also I should have brought a pair of 6innch high heels, since they would have been far more comfortable than the pair of formal black brogues I brough with me, I was nearly crippled wearing them.. I won't be wearing them again, fortunaly I brought a few pairs of more confortable shoes which should allow me to stand around for 8  hours at a time at the show........hmmmmmm heels?


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