Sunday, 7 June 2009


Oh I hate that when a little bit of spit goes down the wrong way and you spend 30 mins harrumphing and coughing trying to stop the irritation....oh how odd, the spell checker actually knows what harrumphing is!

oh sorry I digress.

We went to Rotterdam yesterday to meet some friends of Bina's brother who had moved over there. All part of our getting to know people and learn from their experiences. which was quite useful. Anthony and Nikkie have 2 kids including a daughter around Jodies age so it was useful to compare experiences a year on for them.

Shopping in Rotterdam was fun, compared to Breda its a huge place, akin to Manchester really with lots of familiar shops. Jodie was really pleased to hear there was a Primark there so I expect she'll be making plans for visits.

We did have a downside though..Toward the end of the day as we were heading to the station to come home, we decided to stop for a cuppa and a cake.
As always there's loads of small cafe's and we picked one and ordered tea and apple pie.

Nice...Huge great big slab of apple pie arrived with big dollops of cream and we tucked least until Bina noticed that her pie was slightly discolored and on closer examination the apple was distinctly hairy with mold.
Arrghh instant appetite suppressant. We called over the waiter, who to his credit, was equally shocked and took the pies away. He later came back to offer us anything on the house. But we decided against a big plate of Lobster and caviar and just finished our tea's and left.

I guess H&S Dutch style is not quite so strict here. It's kinda put me of apple pie's for a while.

In other totally unrelated news (my life must be very very boring) the train service to Rotterdam was disrupted due to work on the line so we had to get a bus part of the way. Bina found someone's phone on her seat though so we kept hold of it and phoned the owner (listed as Thuis in the contacts ) later that night.

I've never heard anyone scream with joy down a phone so much. The owner was really pleased that we'd found her phone, but sadly she was nowhere near Breda, she'd lost it on the way to Tilburg that day and had returned home to discover her loss.

Not to worry, I said we'd mail it to her, and she was overjoyed, could not believe her luck and said I'd made her day.

Nice to make someones day. Karma is a funny thing (My name is Earl...go watch it if you've never seen it) and despite being a total atheist and skeptic about almost everything. I do think that what goes around comes bring on the good stuff.


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Colin McNulty said...

Hey Brian, if you find my umbrella on a train to Sheffield, can you send that back too please?