Wednesday, 24 June 2009

So Tired

Its 1.44am here in NL, and I'm having a 10 min break to make a coffee and rub my aching bum which I have been sat on for most of the last 7 days. I tried to get Bina to rub it for me, but she refused...nicely, but still... (if she loved me she'd do it)

Of course I'm crunching, the thing I hate most about programming, especially as I spend so much time advocating for an end to it in commercial planning, here I am doing it on my own projects. I'm also fitting in exam marking and prepping where I can too.

I'm desperately tired, having got by on 5 or so hours sleep and an evening nap (getting old y'see), am prone to bouts of code blindness* even with my big whopper in front of me :D and did I mention my bum hurts.

When I tell my students all about the long hard hours, the lack of social life, the frustration the sore bum and even bouts of panic that come with this kind of working, they can't wait to try it....they must be mad..I must be mad to still be doing this.

But its nearly done, I've fixed a few massive errors that will reduce my bug count considerably (currently standing at 71) and hopefully soon we can submit this bugger and get on with the summer.

Anyway kettle has boiled, time to unstick myself from the bum groove in my chair and get some caffeine in my system,


*mum, its when you stare at the screen and simply can't read what the code is doing, bit like writers block.

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