Sunday, 14 June 2009

Phew..nearly there

So that's it..I've survived a year of teaching, I gave my last lecture last Thursday, and aside from some meetings and a few exams to mark. I got through my 1st year unscathed and enjoyed it. I've been told my contract will be renewed (are they mad) and I can now look forward to the long summer holidays.

Bina and Jodie are busy surfing the web for cheap holidays, it seems like the prices have shot up from last year, but it'll be nice to get away for a break.

Project Work is nearing its end at last..Had a couple of shocking bad days though where I almost punched the screen in frustration..I hate the last part of a project, its when most of the work gets done but also when you've reached your limit of endurance and concentration starts to wander. I've been a bit "grumpy" of late and I need to review that.

I've made a decision not to do any more freelance work (well at least not on this scale) next school year. As much as I enjoy it, it eats at my free time and sometimes also affects my school work ( you try being perky and interesting after 3 hours sleep cos you were working till 5?) So thats it. No more. I "retire" from full time freelance programming.

Instead I'm going to develop a Master Class at school where I will work on a project for my academic year and encourage other staff and students to join in and take it up to commercial standards. That will allow me to limit my work time to office hours and also give students a chance to learn by doing rather than hearing me drone on all the time.

Anyway..back to work, those bugs won't fix themselves!



Colin McNulty said...

> I've been a bit "grumpy" of late

You? Grumpy? Never! ;)

> I retire

You remember we talked a couple of years ago about writing a "How to become a Games Programmer" inside guide? That could still be done. I could get it marketed and published in a swizzy DVD etc. Simple profit share arrangement.

Boring old Fart said...

well I'm kinda doing that now with teaching, but its not impossible, I want to refine my teaching a bit 1st

Colin McNulty said...

Fair enough, let me know if you change your mind.