Sunday, 6 June 2010

All assholes are the same?

Nope...not at all, I know quite a few assholes, by anyones definition they are assholes, but they are nice people generally and I get on with them. Perhaps my own asshole past lets me tolorate them more.

But there is one type of asshole I can't deal with, the racist, arrogant, total no hoper who blames everyone for his problems and has a huge chip on his shoulder that lets him think he's better than everyone with absolutly nothing to back that up.

These kind of assholes, deserve a totally different label, tossers. I can't really abide tossers, so I'm delighted that one I had to work with recently has now left to pastures new, while insulting all the little people he left behind and trying to make himself seem terribly important.

Enjoy the new job won't be long before they also realise you are a tosser, perhaps one day you'll realise that its not really cool to be a tosser.....hmmm nah that would require some capacity for intelligent thought not something I've seen much of.


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