Saturday, 12 June 2010

Board, CPU, CPU, Board

Had another attempt at installing my Q6600 quad core CPU, into the new PC, but it won't work. Even though it POST's and goes to set up where it stays happily doing its thing, it simply refuses to boot any kind of OS, hanging within 5 seconds or so of starting to load.

Of course this could be some issue with my board not happy with a Q6600 or it could be the Q6600 that is damaged from the powersurge. I need to try and find someone with a sapre working Q6600 and see if it boots up ok...I'll put some feelers out.

Not too worried about this as a i7 monster PC is in the planning stages so there's no need to spend a fortune here to get this puppy working but if the Q6600 is actually ok, I can sell it to contribute to the i7 monster.

Anyway I tidied up a few issues, its working fine, even with an old and comparativly slow Pentium960D in place it acually nips along quite well with Windows 7. I'll see if I can pick up a modest core duo on ebay to give it a bit of a boost while I am planning/saving


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