Thursday, 17 June 2010


I'm giving up guitar, its just obvious I am never going to be able to play like the guy I saw tonight at the Mezz

Newton Faulkner, at this point some pics may help ID the chappie if you dunno who he is but my phone went into 20 secs to take a picture mode so I didn't get any.

Wow...just amazing skill, great voice, and bloody funny chap who put on an extremely impressive one man show that is hard to beat. Bina couldn't make it so went with my collegue and fellow guitar nut Oliver, who was impressed.

I was a bit pissed though at the time it took for him to come on stage.. The Mezz is standing room only and after an enjoyayble few songs by the support act who's name I can't quite remember, there was an over 30 min wait for the ginger guy to come on. Standing around waiting for over an hour on a very very sticky floor != fun!

Worth the wait for sure but by the end of his set I was really desperate to get a seat, and a drink.

Oh and what the fuck is wrong with people who pay a fairly hefty price to come to a music gig and then talk loudly OVER the music the whole time...I asked them twice to stop talking and twice they very politely appologised and stopped for 4 or 5 minutes.


anyway....enjoy a vid, I will try to find pics from someone who whent there. He played this..amazing (edit..managed to find a vid someone posted from the night..and if you are really clever you can work out which of the silloetted heads is mine...hint not the tall guy (to his left))

Also given the way things are in my life just now..this really got to me when it was was performed. (edit..someone posted the actual performance from the Mezz..enjoy)

the Lyrics say ..

And if I had one chance to freeze time
And stand still and soak in everything,
I'd choose right now.

yeah....though by right now, lets say the last couple of years....:D Soaking them all in, they have been amazing. MORE please.


here's a short clip from the actual concert where he was telling a story about how he was in a meeting with some radio people who wanted him to do a cover song and he was trying to break the clear tension of the was very funny and of course lead to the amazing cover of Teardrop


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