Monday, 28 June 2010

The replacement for the guitar that never was.

The PRS clone that I bought which never arrived seems to actually still be in some kind of postage hell..The seller has emailed me again to ask if I have recieved it yet, of course nothing has arrived and I've kept them up to date. But since getting my refund I've been hunting for a new guitar to replace it..

The seller sent me a tracking number again though and this time it has been updated, it appears to be floating around in The Netherlands somewhere, and has apparently been the subject of attempts to be delivered to somewhere in Amsterdam...perhaps customs? I dunno, but either way it has not arrived, and though there does indeed seem to be progress I have gone ahead and sourced a new guitar...and what a beauty I have found.

She's a bit of a frankenstien, built by a guitar enthusast from genuine fender neck (1999) and body(2008 contoured deluxe), and choice parts. I like this, since it means some love and care went into its construction and its going to be quite unique.

It is basically a telecaster custom deluxe...woooo..sweet...can't wait to get my hands on it.. It was right at the very top end of my kitty for a replacement guitar but I think she'll be worth it..I now have a good telecaster with extra tone options to play with.


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