Thursday, 10 March 2011

And the final few bits

Literally, I had to go buy a 10mm masonary bit..and while I was there, some heavy brackets, some hooks, nuts and S hooks to hang the Projector Screen which arrived yesterday.

The TV mount turned up this morning, so I decided to get to it and try to get it all done before Bina arrived back from her overnight UK shopping trip (where she bought me a sweet minature version of Stevie, (unknown to her I had also ordered one on ebay..but ah well her's is nicer))...I didn't quite manage it, since drilling holes in the wall of this house is only marginally harder than trying to cut diamonds.

It took ages to drill the holes to mount the TV frame, and on 1 of them I actually hit a steel girder so had to drill another hole, but eventually the mount went up...TV fitted and a few leveling adjustments later..We had a TV mounted on the wall.

Now the fun bit, the 10 ft long projector screen...again more drilling to get the brackets in place, each hole took nearly 15 mins to drill, and the drill bit came loose a few times from the pressure and was seriously hot. But eventually 4 new holes in place.

Brackets mounted, hooks in place, s-hooks on the screen mounts and hup she goes....
bit of fiddling to get the height right, bit more to get the drop to the right place, bit more to get the retraction right, a small interuption to the process to fix some food for a returned and hungry Bina and eventually we have it looks awesome...I'll post some pics I took on my phone when I locate my little dongle thing for putting the pics on my PC.

After my mild panic about the TV not having an HDMI and discovering it did, I realised as I was checking things out, that the Home Cinema system did not have an HDMI out...doh!!!
So (hopefully) final purchase to the Home Cinema upgrade bill is a Scart to HDMI upscaler...which is quite cool since it means we can also use the Wii on the projector now, was not going to be possible before.

A long hard day...drilling, lifting, screwing, adjusting and tomorrow clearing up...but worth it.

Pics to follow soon.


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