Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Just won this for 200 quid on Ebay, £200 for a genuine Fender!!!! Ok ok not a genuine SRV, its actually a modified Mexican Fender Deluxe,which is still a very nice guitar, the owner has addedgenuine SRV scratchplate and hot texas pups which are expensive on their own...the stickers are fake but he was of course quite open about that.
200quid!!!! I fucking love Ebay.
Of course it going to be called Stevie, and I'll fit her with heavy strings and keep her tuned down in SRV mode.

omg 200quid!!! I do hope the seller does not back out on it...I'd be very upset having to let it go at that price but it just didn't appeal to the die hard SRV fans who wanted a genuine SRV (£1.5K) or nothing. Me I just like the idea of another quality guitar that someone has spent some time and loving on....ermmm well figurativly speaking..I hope!!

:D Happiness is an ebay bargain, never mind those damn cigars!!


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