Friday, 11 March 2011

The Play Room MkIII

So 1st up some Guitars on the walls ;) Its a bit crowded in there but thats just becuase I've shoved everything in the corner while I do the work.

Before the TV got moved, Lucille,PRS EG-3, Gibson SG and Fender Telecaster.

Fender Strat and a PRS EG-3 super strat. Surprisingly similar, but stunningly different to play.

Then we have the blank wall which is about to be transformed

The Hardest wall in the universe, the top left corner hit a steel support so I had to drill over to the Right a bit.

Frame up

And stick the 50" generation #2 LCD beast up....took some lifting.

Projector source, the projector itself is out in the hall and we have a hole in the wall to beam through. Once I've papered that new wall I'll put a glass frame up there to seal out the noise totally.

And the screen drops in front of the TV

Hooked up and ready?

Now at this point I hit a snag....I discovered that the brackets holding it up were obstructing the input sockets on the I had to take it off again, move the brackets up and install the cables on the TV then reset it.

Piping TV to the Projector ITVHD looks pretty cool, cables tidied up and ready

Electrics are not 100% yer, I'm still using the wireless feed to send the images to the projector, but we have an HDMI switch box and cables on the way via ebay to finalse everything.

TV, Satbox and DVD all route sound through the Home Theatre's Dolby 5.1 and I can also add a PC to it if I choose...not sure I'll bother tbh, but maybe..we do need a central printer server in the house.

Monumental tidy up is halfway done now, just having a wee rest putting this up.



Anonymous said...

Is this all in the top floor? Is the futon still there or is there no room for it now?

Boring old Fart said...

yup, all on the top floor, yes fouton is still there, its the main sitting point to watch movies and of course is the guest bed if visitors come (so long as they promise not to lay a finger on any guitars.

Got a few cardboard boxes still there to unpack and move so some more storage area needed but its turning into a very functional room.