Monday, 7 March 2011


And HDMI repeater/connector!!

I'm sure other odds and ends will crop up..
I had a mild panic this morning when I realised I had not checked if the Samsung had an HDMI connector, after all it is an older model we brought over from the UK and is about 5 years old now, but its ok it has a port so Plan B still seems plausable.

Out of curiosity I was looking to see how much projectors are now...They have certainly dropped in price, can't remember exactly how much mine was at the time 2nd hand but it was a few hundred, now you can pick up HDMI capable projectors for under 200, even 150. Must be quite a boom in home theatres to generate that much competition.
A lot of them are cheap rubbish though, and I don't plan to change mine for some time as its a cracker. But good to know when it does pack in I can replace it for what by then will be the price of a computer game rather than a guitar.

Carnival time here in Breda, lots of happy people in silly costumes wandering around..I like the spectacle of it all but not so much the participation, try to push through lines of nuns, popes, teddy bears and smurfs to get to the bar to be overcharged for drinks that now need to be paid with tokens gets a bit'll be back to normal in a day or 2, just the smurfs to contend least those who bought their paint from Halfords ;)


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