Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Working at home

Peoples perception of what you do when working at home is kinda strange..There's an underlying belief that you're not doing anything, because you are taking a break watching TV, or playing a bit of guitar or walking the dog or whatever...so you might as well catch up on some household chores.

Fact is though I am rather busy, though I can and do have many nice breaks, I am working on a couple of important presentations, learning more about networking for next block, going through the PS3 SDK, fixing some bugs in our school developed project, looking at some students submissions for retakes and generally keeping just about on top of the admin I need to do were I working at the office.

So, I'll get to hanging those curtains and using the leaf blower on the garden just as soon as I've done the day job stuff.

Whew....need a break now.


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