Monday, 7 March 2011

The cost of fun and games.

Spring Break is upon us, so I have a week off and aside from guitar (of course) I am finally catching up on the odd jobs that need doing.

The satellite systems are now firmly tucked away in their respective cubby holes and the TV unit in the lounge is now benefiting from invisible cables and dual sat inputs for full functons. So we have UK TV, Dutch TV and Dutch Cable TV...not that we watch much Dutch Cable TV...its pretty strange.

Next job is the Play Room. We enjoy movie nights and at the moment we're using our hi def widescreen projector to play movies on the wall, its ok but its not perfect.

I've currently set up the TV and DVD system using a wireless system but its not totally stable and we do get signal loss, as well as having to manually plug cables in or switch things off when not used, plus the wall is not really white or smooth enough to get the best pics. And we have a dirty great big Samsung TV up there not being used.

So...plan B... The Samsung is going on the wall, and a projector screen will give us better pics..but its a bit of a chore setting up HDMI cables when you want to use the projector and the TV...Lucky for me ebay is the providor of all things.

Wall mount for the Samsung
20m HDMI cable.
4x2 HDMI auto switch, lets me plug 4 things in, then choose where the images are sent to.
110" Glass bead remote electric screen.

When its all done, we should be able to plug in the Home theatre and Freesat system and choose to watch on TV or big screen. AND we can pick up an PS3 and Xbox for games too...maybe a PC...

Thing is, man these things are pricey, you need to factor in stuff like this when you want to do that kind of system...But it'll be worth it. I'll try to put some woodchip up on the new walls we had added just to finish it all off. I'll post some pics when done.


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