Sunday, 27 March 2011

My face is melting

Bina and Jodie, brought back a few jars of Nando's piri piri sauce when she was last over.

We LOVE Nando's but they don't have them here so making our own was an exciting option.

Since my surgery and radiotherapy last year though, I have not really been able to eat anything too hot or spicey, which is upsetting, I was and will always be a Vindaloo and Extra hot Nando's lover, but I am going to have to give my mouth a few years to toughen up before I can indulge again.

So what they brought back was Medium

Medium, ie, a bit hot but not painful.

Its a LIE...Nando's medium cooking sauce is actually molten capsicum in pure form and when added to chicken and cooked results in an experience which is something like sucking on a red hot glowing poker which then turns to lava in your mouth.

Medium.....I used to eat raw chillies, I once had the staff at a resteraunt peer out the door watching me eat a chicken phal (granted with severl gallon sized jugs of ice water), and I used to get Bina's mum to put extra chillies in her curries. now too hot for me, how the mighty have fallen.



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