Wednesday, 31 August 2011


This is tempting

it looks like a reissue custom shop Les Paul, which if genuine is worth £1500-2000+.

But it just screams wrong....its pretty all right but the fret board is too light, the pickup switch is the wrong colour, the control knobs should have a finger pricker position indicator, it should have an aged look on the pups, no case is mention and lack of proper pics on key ID points is odd...Also the price....I mean £475?? If he bought it as a Gibson reissue he'd have paid a small fortune for it...and would be asking for a Buy it now rather than a very low auction starting price.

I've mailed him to ask for specific pics of key points that will help ID it, if he sends them, I'll be tempted...but....something tells me its a chinese copy, and not worth 500quid...200 maybe, but not 500.



Anonymous said...

Don't do it!!!!! You might have to get a much bigger house! Think one with a huge basement would be needed.

Boring old Fart said...

S'ok I didn't, tempting as it was, it almost certainly was not genuine. And that worry kept my GAS in check.

The sellery did respond but claimed no knowledge of guitars and couldn't help with further ID, hence the low price.

It went for 750odd quid, if genuine, an absolute bargain, but if, as I suspect, its a copy, a mega rip off and someone would be very unhappy to get that sent to them.

The seller mailed me to say he was going to have it checked out before he sent it to be sure....maybe an honest mistake then.

No no, from this point on there are only 2 guitars I want to buy to complete my "collection"
A Gibson Blueshawk, and LCPG modified Gibson Les Paul.
Both are hard to find in Europe so I can save up till I have the cash to hand.

But the bigger house idea, sounds interesting???

Boring old Fart said...
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Anonymous said...

Phew! I'm just worried that when I'm well enough to come over there just won't be enough room for l'il old me!! (ok, forget the "old" bit!)

Boring old Fart said...

well come over soon, while there is room ;)