Sunday, 14 August 2011

normal...ish services have returned

hmm seems my PC's memory is indeed faulty, but not quite sure in what way.. I took one stick out and it ran fine, passing memory tests no problem, so assumed the stick removed was faulty.

To be sure I put that stick back in, removed the other and ran tests.....and it was fine...eek

Sure enough it seems the memory issues only occur when both sticks are in place... It may be a dual channel thing. I will try one last test with both sticks in running in single channel mode and see how it goes.

Annoyingly I could not find a BIOS option to put it in single channel mode, it may be that plugging it into different slots achieves that...but its quicker to set values rather than get down on hands an knees reaching into computers, so I locked down some of the automated options to known fixed values, like 667 for speed. Then fired it up and ran memory passed.

I'll try a stess test on it...Supreme Commander 2, usually puts it under stress :D and it was the 1st thing that showed up problems.

Honest I'm testing...not playing.



Anonymous said...

I once had a memory stick that only became unreliable after an hour or two... Had to leave it testing overnight to identify it :-(

Boring old Fart said...

not too sure its the actual sticks...they both work in isolation with no issues, (aside from windoze crawling on 2Gb)

Seems to be a different problem, but can't really justify buying more DDR2 memory only to find it might be the board at fault...nahhh picked up an ex demo i7 PC with 8GB of RAM and other goodies on board on ebay for under 600quid so that'll do me for the next couple of years.. I'll strip this down for parts and sell them to hep offset the cost.