Friday, 5 August 2011

I got no strings,,,

More non string based music instruments have arrived at Chez Beuken.

I am using Garageband more and more on my mac and having found how to simulate intruments, I also found that I needed a proper keyboard to make besst use of it.

Imagine my joy to discover I could geek amplify that need by adding an Ipod touch to the keyboard to make it a fully working portable synth :D. Great for taking to our jam sessions....though I won't even pretend I know more than 3 chords to make it work but I can pre-program some things that work best with synth backdrops.

And I also managed to pick up an iControl unit to allow for physical control of Garageband for almost half price on my old friend ebay. Mice are not always easy to fiddle with when you are playing something and need to trigger a new track or whatever.

Getting quite a collection of music instruments in the attic now...if only we could actually play them???


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