Tuesday, 23 August 2011


There's a few teething issue with my new PC, the video card is borked, but I negotiated a refund on that and am using my old one for now, it also seems to BSOD coming out of sleep mode, which usually means a driver needs updating..

This sounds worse than it is, but what is good is the absolute power that I have got to play with now, 8GB of memory and a 2.8Ghz multi threading Quad core i7 make for a much smoother Windows experience than I've had for quite some time.

I spent last night installing software, as you do, and even though it was a pretty long process the i7 managed to do most of it in the background as I tested it out, with dev packages, games and audio tests..It didn't break a sweat and thats without SSD's!

Hopefully some driver updates will resolve the BSOD on sleep restore, and then I'll be back to having a mega PC again...though you can get faster i7's :) hmmmm next year maybe, for now this is several levels of magnitude better than I had so I'll stick with it.

Going to stick in my drives next so I can get all my data.. I learned some time back not to have data on the same drive as system files so that updates like this are much easier.Just plug in the data drive and restore the apps and all should be well. Quite curious to see if Windows 7 on the SDD in my old machine will fire up on a new board...they usually don't but...lets see :)


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