Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Some adjustments

I had to make a few adjustments to the pedal board...as much as I liked it, the mixer was not really working since I had no easy simple way to switch out the Zoom G2.1u m,ulti fx pedal, which has a bad habit of buzzing or producing some cpu ticks when in bypass mode.
So back to my friendly switch maker and a bit of re-wiring and purchasing of much better quality velcro, later.

I now have this set up.
..ermmm I was going to upload a photo, but since my PC switch my Ipod->Itunes sync has been totally screwed....so photo will have to wait.


After THE most contrived series of processes ever....I have finally managed to get the photo...and its crap!!

Anyway, I added a 5 switch loop box, which allows me to select an fx channel, either 1 or a mix of any of the 5. Which then goes to the ABCDE switch to pick an amp/mixer to go to...neat

I also added my wireless system too, so that the guitar is totally wire free. The input then goes 1st into the VL4, to supply pitch data for singing (help) then the thru signal is sent to the loopbox to go onto the selected channels.

I have it going into my mobile fx on pos 1, acoustic Zoom A2 fx on pos2, Zoom G2 on pos3, Bass 607 on pos 4, and pos 5 is clean. The output then goes to the Digitech Jamman, for looping phrases if needed, then over to the ABCDE switch to go to a chosen amp. Marshal VT50, Fender Champ 600, Practice Bass amp, Cheetah amp or G-Dec. I may also put a small 2 way switch in to plumb straight into the mixer but for now if I want to use the mixer I'll unplug the G-dec.

Its bloody awesome, but you need to be sure the jamman is not amping up an empty signal from the VL4 as I discovered that caused some noise. Also the amp you send it to should not have FX running if you send a loop phrase to it or it distorts..But this is all good, just a learning process.


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