Monday, 15 August 2011 vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting PC's

Yeah.....bugger. Though the main PC is now functioning without BSOD its hobbling along quite badly due to lack of memory. I have a dilemma, is it the chip controller on the motherboard playing up or is it the memory modules themselves...I could buy new memory modules and try them out, it would cost about 80-100quid, but what then if it does not work, that would be wasted money since it uses DDR2 and my next PC is certain to have DDR3 memory. Even if it does work its only going to extend this machines life for a year or so.

Time to upgrade I think, to a mega that will last 2-3 years before the software starts to make it chug.

I usually make a point of building my own mega machines but when I made this one I settled on functioning rather than capable of lasting a few years, mainly due to me being so knackerd from my cancer surgery and needing to replace my last beast.

This time I'm not so much knackered as cant be bothered, there's been a lot of leaps in PC tech in the last year and I've not kept up with it, so I'll just buy a prebuilt one...and add my own drives to it to retain most of my stuff....still means installing shed loads of apps but what the hey!

Going to hit ebay and find a decent spec but hopefully quiet I7 beast that fits the bill.

Think I've found one....will see if he takes my offer...its a Gaming machine, which means high spec, but usually with noisy fans, though those can be this space.


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