Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ripping us off with quality?

Saw this on my facebook page

And it kinda pissed me off, All these lovley "rare" models wich clearly are going to be well outside most peoples price range, if indeed you can locate them and it made me post something under the video.

They are all beautiful stunning guitars, but am I the only one who is kinda pissed off with the constant number of "rare" "collectable", "limited", "signature", "special edition" etc guitars coming from Gibson and Fender...these wonderful things are designed to be played, and heard, not collected...I have a "collection" but every single one gets played and treated as an instrument, please stop with the expensive limited editions..just make wonderful instruments at prices we can afford.

I do think they are screwing us over a bit, these guitars are often not very special at all, maybe different paint jobs, and a couple of extra stickers on the headstock, perhaps at best a different, maybe rare wood being used but still put together the same way so how to justifiy the extra 200-1000% mark up? Oh I know lets say we only made 50 of them...

bollox... Its just a scam to make gullable people spend more money on a guitar that might be a bit prettier than the base model but does not have 200-1000% more work or cost involved in its making.

I don't even really agree with the idea of "collecting" guitars, by definition that means they are bought to own and look at but playing damages them...wrong wrong them, make nice sounds...don't put them in cases for people to gawp at.

Sad.....and I want one of those hummingbirds...but not a special edition, I want one thats got scratches and scores and play wear on it, one thats had a life in someones hands.


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