Thursday, 19 April 2012

minor revamp

I noticed the counter at the bottom seems to be broken, so decided to revamp the layout a tiny bit, if the bottom counter does not fix itself I'll remove it. But added another one, though its off by a couple of hundred thousand.

But what amazed me is that so many people have actually read these posts...and I have 13...13 followers...of which, mum, is not one (its only a button ffs)
Who are you people? I know 1 or 2, but the others are a mystery, I'd love to know why you're here, it can't be for my idiotic ramblings on life, games and flat...oh wait maybe it is.

go a comment lets hear why you decided to follow this little nonsense corner of the interwebs?



Anonymous said...

why are you swearing at me? I follow your blog! Not sure what button you mean. Explain, please.

Boring old Fart said...

I've given up giving IT support :D I want to keep my hair in place while I still have it.