Thursday, 5 April 2012

hmmm and hmmm

New Bass has arrived....

I don't really know what to make of it at all..its certainly beautiful, and it's also clearly hand made, it has many charming rough spots in its build, the rear routing for example is very routh but covered by an almost fitting cover.

The sound it makes is unlike anything I've heard, since it uses an undersaddle pickup it is extremly sensitive to any contact noise, which includes my long guitar nails, I can hear them clicking before I even pluck the note. I need to experiment with it to find a nice tone I like, The lack of a tone knob means it sends what it send to the amp, but you can overdrive it a bit on the volume, so its going to be up to the pedals and amps to get a tone I like. But I'm not clipping my nails..may have to use pinky plucking since I don't grow that nail.

One strange thing is how incredibly light it is, I thought it was a solid chunk of walnut but no, it has a central hollow cavity which actually resonates like an acoustic, this is very interesting and provides most of its unique sound, but it has a downside, the lightness of the body makes it very neck heavy, so only really suitable for sit down gets tiring holding up the neck when standing after a while.

I need time to get used to this, fretless bass is new to me, and there's a load of new techniques to master, but I do think the quirks make this a potentially interesing addition to the collection.

No time to play with it properly as I'm busy doing student help requests today, but this Easter weekend I am free to mess about and do a bit of recording...lets see how it holds up.


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