Monday, 9 April 2012

Not a bad days work

Nahh Video is really much here's todays effort via garage band.

Still needs a lot of work though, too much string noise at the start and I lost my way with the vocals somewhere, almost like there's an extra couple of chords in there (quite probable)

This is now version 2.. The intro was really nice on Lucille but I hit a lot of unplayed strings leaving harmonics and string noise all over the place..So I redid the intro using Libby.

Next I'll work on the Wha, I was trying to emulate the Wha trumpet on BB's famous live almost works, but again too much unwanted strings and I need more distortion I think. Also one very bad bend that didn't hit the note...ah well.

The vocals on the 1st verse lose their way a bit, due to the strange chord change which is more me not being able to sing them than any actual fault in the progression I don't do power phrasing!!! But I'll have a go at redoing them next week. I used 23 Alt Gospal on the VL4 for those verses and I thought the tone was really nice...and believe it or not there's no pitch correction....probably should have been.


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