Monday, 9 April 2012

Last Lazy Day

Bina's back tomorrow and my turpitude must now end.

I've had a quick tidy up and everything is in order, I am tempted to nip out and have a night on the razzle, but its miserable and raining and I'm a bit skint this month till payday, so instead am going to do a bit of recording. Free entertainment.

I will try and have a proper go at recording multi part video this time and see how it works out, I've been practicing a bit with the editing software, I got some pretty simple stuff that I used for the last video and I think...think...I can do some mixing stuff with it.

So, a bit of a tidy up in the "play" area and we'll see how it goes.

Going to try and do BB King's brilliant, Guess who, not much singing in it thankfully, and the drums and bass are pretty easy, though the guitar rhythm is complex with lots of subtle chord work, and of course the lead needs a lot of feel....lets see

I won't post it if its terrible. So lets hope it turns out ok.


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