Thursday, 5 March 2015

95% fit

One advantage of work at home days is I can have a really good lie in,  at least as long as the dog stays cuddled up in his bed and does not want to go walkies

I still have a bit of a cough, but overall, I am sleeping all night and the cough is not chronic and constant

Can't say I'm 100% yet, till the cough finally goes, but I am feeling so much better, sore ribs and stomach have eased and the coughs are more of a clear out than a bring up a lung and pop several blood vessels while you're at it.

Still want to see the back of it.

Not much other news to speak of, been busy finishing the last of my late grading, only to discover I can't enter the damn things on the school system..grrr

Finally getting some time to code on personal and school projects too, so my mojo is slowly returning. But my frustrations with slow internet connection to my PC (caused by my dongle not the ISP) are proving to dent that mojo.

Soon be done with my Z80 gig, its been painfully slow and much harder than I expected but after a couple of major bug finds I can now creep toward the finish line at last. Next up is a PS4 gig I've been back burnering for too long


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