Friday, 20 March 2015

New Board Layout

I don't carry this around as much as I did, its too heavy, this is what I now consider my solo performance looping board, since I don't need to do much vocal effects or any looping with the band, the looper and big vocal unit are not essential to band work. Since I don't gig solo (maybe one day) it now mostly static in the attic.

But I like this board a lot, I've now added the Beat Buddy to it, which I love to use but am having some issues getting it to midi sync with loops, I dunno if its a problem with the RC-300 which is known to have issues as a slave, or the BB which may have issues being a slave...but bottom line is they drift after a few loops making it hard to have the BB as the drums in a performance piece......I don't beat box expexially well with a paralysed lip so I do kinda need a drum system that works for me.

If its a BeatBuddy software issue with its receive being slightly wrong, it will get fixed.. boss sure as hell have no interest in fixing the RC-300 slave functionality...shame.

anyway heres the new layout of the board... A bit of space I could fill in but won't, and a few straight cables still in place which will be changed for angled ones soon to clean things up a bit more.


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