Thursday, 12 March 2015

Well I already knew this wouldn't help

As always, the Alternative medicine nutters are swarming all over the internet now that another massive study on the efficacy of Homeopathy has does nothing.

Hardly a surprise of course, but still people refuse to listen, from the Big Pharma consipiracy nuts, to the, well it works for me gullible people, are rushing all over the net to comment.

And Missing the point as always.


Placebo....its as simple, yet complex as that. The Human body is fantastically effective at fighting illness, virus, diseases even some of its own genetic conditions, every single minute of every single day our bodies are working hard to kill infections and grew and replace damaged tissues that occur as an everyday fact of life.
We probably get attacked by a 1000 cold or flu viruses a day, but for the most part our body kicks their asses and moves on and we never notice/

Its only when the body gets overwhelmed and our defenses routed that we get sick, a virus, we don't know, or damage too big to fix quick, then we need help.

What controls our level of immunity to sickness, is basically unknown, but we do know that stress, poor mental outlook and a host of other life issues can have an impact on our immune system, that makes us less able to fight and gives the bugs a chance to get us.

But equally, we can boost our immune system, positive thinking, positive actions all work wonders and help us fight a whole range of illnesses, from Cancer to man-flu (actually there is no cure for man-flu, millions of men die every hour from it)

Placebo is the trigger for this positivity, it comes in countless forms, but the basic idea is that someone cares how we are doing and is paying attention to us, and we feel good about that...allowing us to fight. Even babies and animals can benefit from placebo, they just need to be made to feel that someone cares and is doing something for them.

Now...if you accept that placebo is a real thing, and it most certainly is....then you need to realize all the quack medicines out there are just pandering to that placebo effect...if it makes you better that's fantastic, but sugar pills and a cuddle from someone you love will have exactly the same effect.

Lets not be stupid about this, its just making greedy people rich.


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