Thursday, 19 March 2015

Diets make you hungry....and my will power is terrible...but 91.3kg

I have cheated several times, the packet of choccy raisins was just asking to be eaten

But slow and steady the grams are dropping... AND I have discovered something very useful

Breakfast grain biscuits...choccy ones from Aldi... 79Kcals for 2 of em, but they stop you feeling hungry for at least a couple of hours in the morning.. I'm not normally a breakfast person, except at weekends, but I do get hungry as hell around 11 and often sneak in a sausage roll or baguette snack before more..

The breaky biccies let me last till lunch time when said Sausage roll or baguette is lunch, and even then only 1 sausage roll or half sized baguette. So trading in 79Kcal for 500 or so is a good plan.
They do have a salad bar at the work canteen but its not very inspiring, I might just walk to the store and buy a ready made one..only use half the dressing.

Not much weight coming off yet but still early days, and only just beginning to exercise...risked a few morning pushups, which I will try to do every day as well as a some Ab crunches, also taking the dog for much longer faster paced evening walks... I'll try to hit the gym soon..(grrr)

A rough BMI calculation has me at 30.9 which is obese...well the folds told me that.. I basically need to lose 30Kg to be in my perfect weight for my height, but I'll settle for getting down to around 70kg without the folds. Less than my stated target, but that sill has me in the overweight group, so I need to aim lower but not at the 60 it wants for ideal..I am 51 after all I can't expect a washboard stomach and pert just lose the weight and tone up and I'll be happy...might live a few months longer.

Oh, so far coughing fits...a bit of throat clearing but no won't last the whole day, but its nice to not notice the that I think about it, I want to cough...dammit.


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