Sunday, 15 March 2015

stuck at 99% maybe I should use some homeopathy

Still can't shake the damn time....though as soon as I tell him/her that I feel better he'll suggest I come back in 2 this space.

There is an astonishing argument going on, on Facebook, which I have been part of but no more, It has made me realize that people are just unbelievably dumb and unwilling to accept facts if it does not fit with their view.

Its about homeopathy of course, I dunno how to link a specific FB thread but its the Richard Dawkins page, where they highlighted the homeopathy research in Australia, as I did in the last thread.

What follows is an absolute clusterfuck of misinformation, misunderstanding and blind stupidity on a level I can barely comprehend.

Misinfomation 1st...sadly they used an image of a rack of herbal essential I'm not going to say these are utter nonsense....some good does come from their use in massage, and inhalation, but its hardly medicine...but more importantly its not many people just jumping on that as a sideways means to defend their belief in homeopathy.

Misunderstanding and stupidity....I cannot, I mean I really cannot comprehend how incredibly bad this is, 99% of the people posting in defense of homeopathy clearly think it is a herbal remedy, in the same way as Aspirin, ginger and garlic etc are.....its incredible to me that people are so astonishingly misinformed... It matters not how many people post on the thread to point this out, THEY KEEP MIXING IT UP.

Herbal remedies are not useless, they may not have a lot of efficacy, but for some very specific things they do work and many modern drugs own their origins to herbal remedies.

Homeopathy is something totally different, it is basically like taking a tablet of aspirin, which we know helps with many things.....throwing it in a reservoir.. and expecting every one who takes a glass of water from that reservoir to have their headaches cured... It is utter madness

When I was a kid, I genuinely was amazed at they way communication and travel made the world a much smaller more intimate place. The sharing of knowledge convinced me that in time we would see an end to wars, a global understanding of science and an ability to tap into the knowledge of mankind to make life better, a bit like Star Treks utopia..
We have all that global understanding today via the internet, but rather than enlighten us it seems to have made us more and more convinced our stupidity is right because we are able to find other stupid people to back us up.

The internet has caused confirmation bias to run wildly out of control, we no longer trust anyone we appoint to take care of or lead us, doctors, scientists, governments are all out to destroy us with their massive conspiracies and evil deeds to keep us down. We've seen the rise of fanatics, and a glorification of stupidity and ignorance. Not just Homepathy; Anti Vaxxers, Jihadists, 9/11 truthers, Neo Right wingers of all styles, Illuminati, Lizards in government...the list is too long....too incredibly stupid to bother getting our head around.

If I could afford it... I think I really would just go find a cabin in the woods somewhere, take my retirement collection of scale models to build and hide away waiting for death or a UFO lift to some other planet. I just don't think I care anymore about this planet and the naked apes running it.

But everyday I read the news and I know...we're heading for oblivion....

Hey Aliens, if you're reading this....please take me with you?



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