Saturday, 9 January 2016

11,000 words and 50 pages in

The book is progressing and its a lot of fun, especially as I am learning how to use the Rspberry Pi as I do it, its quite exhilarating learning a new machine and then putting down the experience in a form a beginner can handle.

Reading it back it needs a bit of re-organising as some of my initial layout ideas need to be moved around but it reads quite well in the 1st 3 chapters.

I've so far done the setting up of a dev system, running and debugging 1st simple text programs on PC and target machine, and now have got the set up for Graphics and Graphic image loading done..
Just need to work out image display and we're ready to rock and roll.

Found out lots of cool things, as I've done tests,  been confused by a few others but worked them out and detailed the results.

This weekend, I hope to get a background screens and key control of an object in place to produce the 1st very simple game to build the framework on.

At this rate should only take a few months work to get the book and accompanying games to work. Though given my bad typing and propensity to make silly gag comments it might take a few months of editing to get it down to a decent number of pages.

Might need to go find a tame artist though to give me some decent assets for the project(s).

Hey ho...this is certainly a more interesting way to learn OpenGL ES2.0 than simply running through a few dry books. I always insist my students learn by doing, and here I am doing exactly the same...


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