Friday, 1 January 2016

So long 2015, you've been ......

I see lots of people saying how shit 2015 was, and lets be honest for me its been one of my most miserable years, I've been single the whole year and overall my love life sucks cheesy balls, work has been a pain at times, (side projects mainly, NHTV is still a great place to work)

But really it wasn't a bad year, every year, bad things happen, some worse that others, But why focus on the bad things, and why taint the whole year as bad..I didn't get cancer again, so that's a plus,  I became a granddad which was a mega plus, I got to spend Xmas with my daughter and cried with pride again (need to stop that). Had some amazing gigs with Starrcase, and a shocker with The Gadgeteers which sadly started a decline to breakup.

Ok there's some bad, but the good certainly was worth focusing on... It was a came it went, good things and bad things year will probably be the same.

Who knows, maybe I'll sort out my love life....hmmm maybe not..

Right now I have a hangover from an amazingly fun party..Happy New Year


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