Friday, 22 January 2016

Johnny 5 needs more input

As the book takes shape and most of the concepts of coding and anecdotal explanations are now in place, I have to turn to the technical bits. I've got the getting started and other things up and running and it is now perfectly possible to make a painfully simple bat and ball game, but its time now to start doing the cool things, sprites, backdrops. Then move on to the super cool things in 3D.

I can do all these things normally but when putting things into a book I feel I need to be a bit more careful in my approach, anyone reading it could be scarred for life if they do some of my sloppy get it working then fix approach and consider that an industry standard.

So I've been hitting amazon for some books.. BOOKS? In this day and age, well yes I like books theres something easy and comforting in having a text book next to you as you type in examples. The internet is amazing but when coding I find books very reassuring to use.

I am very proud of my library, 1 large  IKEA Expedia bookcase bursting to the seams with technical books and manuals dating back to my early coding days. It needs a few more modern ones, but since consoles don't have a lot of books, the most recent things cover Direct X 11 and OpenGL3, not had a chance to do much with this years latest thingymajig
It might even be time to cough up a 2nd library, or at least an extra tier to be added..hmmmm that could be Saturdays shopping trip!

For my book I need more info on OpenGL ES 2.0, something until now I have not had much direct exposure to, though its not vastly different from standard OpenGL 2.0, it just has shit loads missing that I never used much anyway.
The plus is that with the release of OpenGL ES 3.0 some time back, all the ES 2.0 books are being given away...some as low as under a pound, though postage is always a fiver or so.

I have therefore splurged on some new books that will hopefully give me some enjoyment to read and provide some much needed proper technical approaches to use in my book.

I'm getting a lot of joy out of putting this book together, its got my juices flowing again, and even given me some smart ideas to finish my Colecovision project which is floundering in lack of memory hell, but a few good ideas have come forward which might get the last tiny bits of code in there to complete it.


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