Saturday, 16 January 2016

Sense of foreboding

What a shitty shitty start to the year with Bowie, Alan Rickman, and a host of minor celebs all dying at pretty young ages, not much older than me.

I don't think much about dying, but I have the last week or so, due to these deaths it just makes me realise how utterly fleeting our lives are, we're there, and gone in no time.

Sad, also strange, I wasn't a big big Bowie fan, but he has always been there or thereabouts in my musical world, some things getting to me more than others. His death is a true loss for music. I play quite a few of his songs with one band or another, they won't feel as much fun now.

In the more mundane world, I've just been getting on with coding and writing, the book is still on track, though the actual coding on the Raspberry Pi has been hit by some silly and annoying tech faults but they are slowly coming under control. Help has come from the support teams and I am back on the very slow learning horse and quite enjoying it.

Work is tiring me out, V2 is quite demanding, even though I appreciate that I can switch off at 5 and try to make best use of my time. The 2 full days of project work is exhausting, and frustrating too, I don't really get the sense that I am passing on much experience or wisdom in what I am telling them. But I have to give it a chance, self learning is the goal, and if they find the wisdom in other ways I can at least recognise that.

Love life is still DOA, even tied to get somewhere on Tinder...nope..a few people will match, but then after a short chat you find yourself unmatched and left with no reason why....too many people using it for fun I suspect..

I need to get out into the real world and get my Dutch improved, I have a pile of homework backing up from my Dutch classes that I'll try to do this weekend

Oh well time to go make some music, after I clear up the man cave, I've had a bit of a shopping spree of small things the last few months, Mics, stands, pedals and other goodies, and they need to be organised and stored, instead of strewn across the floor and tables. A Tidy Man Cave is the sign of an eligible man...maybe.

There's always the positives though, Danni's sending me regular pics of Harvey 2 and he's started to smile.. I've been boring everyone at work with the pics...still a very proud Opa.

Yeah, that's enough to cut through the dark things, focus on the light (oh saw Force Awakens...damn it is a good fun Star Wars movie)


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