Sunday, 24 January 2016

Boom there it is....what took us so long..

Been having some struggles on the Pi with getting images in, loading was pretty painless, I managed to incorporate an image loader and get the Pi to use its file handling as expected, carefully managed the memory and reported back on the data that was loaded, all was fine.

But actually displaying my images was just bloody weird, I could sort of see the image, but they were scrambled, all the example code samples I tried failed, and there was so much re-writing of the standard OpenGL ES2.0 text book code to make it compile I was starting to think I'd invented my own language

But eventually as is often the case, it turned out to be a minor error on my part, I'd got height and width of my images mixed up...doh!!!  Brians 1st rule of self fuckery*, applies even to Brian!,

I now have a lovely pic of Danni and Harvey2 on the Raspberry Pi :D

I can now finish the chapter on loading and displaying images, though I'll have to change the images before I put them in the book.

Its nice when you finally get something working, even if you cock it up a few times as you go...its called learning ;)

*Brians 1st rule of self fuckery as taught to all 1st years at IGAD , "If your code doesn't do what you expect it to do, you fucked up!"


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